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Diagnose your domain

DNSdoctor will perform several tests on your domain to ensure that it is correctly configured, so that you can enjoy a trouble free domain. For information about the potential risks of having a misconfigured domain, take a look at the DNS doctor homepage.

Note: The time required to completely diagnose a zone can take from 30 seconds up to 5 minutes depending on the network speed of the server being accessed. If it takes more than a minute it generally means we are encountering problems accessing your nameservers (errors in your DNS configuration, firewall, ...) and are waiting for timeout.

You will find in the help section, a description of the different options that you can use to customize this tool, but the default setting should be ideal for nearly all users; there is also a short explanation on how to read the diagnostic.


IDN are not currently supported, if you want to use such names, you will need to enter the punnycode form.

Zone information
NameserverIP address(es)


Error report
Extra tests performed
Transport layer



Zone Information
Zone Name of the domain to be diagnosed.
Primary Primary nameserver (the one in the SOA record if it is public).
Secondary Secondary nameservers (all the NS records used for delegating the zone, except the one listed above).
IPs List of IP addresses for the nameserver.
  • IP addresses are only required if they can't be resolved (ie: they are in the zone that you want to register).
  • if you have several addresses you must use a space or a comma as the separator.
  • the form accepts IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
zone summary Includes a summary about the zone and its nameservers in the generated report
test name Includes the name of the test that has been performed when reporting errors
explanations Includes an explanation (when the test failed) about the purpose of the test and why you should fix it.
details Includes details (when the test failed) about the culprit elements.
progress bar Display information about the test progression using a a progress bar (require javascript and Mozilla or IE5+ for correct rendering).
description Give a short description of the test when it is performed.
nothing Don't display information about the test progression.
report Select the type of generated report you want.
format Select the format in which you want the report (HTML or plain text).
language Select the language that you want the report generated in.
Error report
default error Errors are reported with the default severity associated with them.
all fatals All errors are considered fatals.
all warnings All errors are considered warnings.
don't stop on fatal Keep going even after encountering a fatal error (this could lead to some unexpected results).
report ok Report test that passed.
Extra tests performed
mail delivery Perform extra checking on mail delivery for typical mail accounts (hostmaster, postmaster, ...) associated with domain names.
zone transfer Perform additional tests on the zone retrieved after a zone transfer.
RIR databases Check that IP addresses used are registered in the RIR databases
Transport layer
IPv4, IPv6 Select the routing layer (if none are selected it will default to IPv4 and IPv6).
STD, UDP, TCP Select the transport layer you want for interrogating your nameservers.


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